Volunteers hear about CAFOD’s work

We had a great session on the 27 June at St Aidan’s Little Chalfont. Volunteers braved the heavy downpour and traffic to hear about CAFOD’s work.  The session was given by CAFOD volunteers Santi Trillo and Ged Nolan as well as Debbie Purfield (CAFOD coordinator – Northampton).

Santi Trillo on the Story of CAFOD

Ged Nolan on Stewardship







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CAFOD’s Vision, Mission and Values were explained and we heard the story of CAFOD which was really interesting as one of the founders (Elspeth Orchard) was from within the Northampton Diocese!

The group did a quiz which revealed horrific statistic such as 896 million people living on less that £1.40 a day, 663 million who have no access to safe drinking water and over 1.2billion with no access to electricity. The latter is what our current campaign – Power to Be – seeks to address with the World Bank.

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We heard about CAFOD’s international work involving long term development, Emergencies and Campaigning & Advocacy as well as CAFOD’s work in England and Wales.  Stewardship of resources was covered and it was good to know that CAFOD spends only 10p in the pound on administration.

Volunteers play a crucial role in CAFOD and it was wonderful to hear that in the past year, over 6,000 people volunteered with CAFOD and together they donate 160,000 working hours equivalent to £960k!

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Monica talks about World Gifts

John discusses Fairtrade 

We explored the promotion of volunteering in our parishes and the importance of having someone to ‘tell the CAFOD story’.  Sheila from St Augustine (High Wycombe) said, “I didn’t know a lot of what I heard today and it was really interesting.  I think it would be really worthwhile for more people to hear about CAFOD’s work”.

If you would like to host this session in your parish, please get in touch :

01844 274 723 , northampton@cafod.org.uk


CAFOD explained: history, mission, values and work

Do you know what CAFOD is really about?  Have you given money to CAFOD and wonder where it ended up?

If so, why not join us on  Tuesday 27 June to gain a better understanding of CAFOD’s history, values and work including how your donations transition from the collection box to the communities we serve


When? Tuesday 27 June, 7:15pm for 7:30pm prompt start till 9:30 pm

Where? St Aidan’s Hall, Finch Lane, Little Chalfont, HP7 9NE

St Aidan’s – Little Chalfont starts a CAFOD group

The new CAFOD group at St Aidan’s met on the 17 November for the first time.

CAFOD group - St Aidan Little Chalfont

CAFOD group – St Aidan Little Chalfont

Parish priest Fr Ken Payne had asked for volunteers before Harvest Fast day 2016 and Brian very kindly agreed to take on the role and started looking out for more people to join him.  At Harvest Fast Day weekend, Deacon John gave the Fast Day talk and appealed for volunteers.  So it was such a delight to see five people (one person couldn’t make it but is keen to be part of the group) at the initial meeting together with Fr Ken.  Ged Nolan (coordinator for the SE Bucks pastoral area) was also present together with Debbie Purfield (CAFOD coordinator – Northampton).

Brian drew up an agenda and we discussed how to promote CAFOD in the parish not only through fundraising but though Campaigning and Prayer.

Debbie said, “It was wonderful to have met the new group.  I am always so inspired by how generous people are with their skills and time.  Volunteering is a faith journey and I am honoured to be able to travel with them in this.”

Visit our website to find out how you can volunteer for CAFOD . We have roles which can suite a variety of lifestyles.