Delicious soup lunch at St Anthony’s in Slough

St Anthony’s parish and St Anthony’s School in Slough jointly organised a very successful CAFOD soup lunch on Friday 16 March . The school staff prepared a mouth-watering variety of delicious soups and breads, thoroughly enjoyed by the parents, staff and parishioners who came to support the event.

On the menu there was: Spicy Lentil Soup, Carrot and Coriander, Potato and Leek and Polish vegetable and Rice Soup. As the old Portuguese proverb goes: “for each mouth, a different soup”. It really felt that the diversity of food was a celebration of the characteristic diversity of the parish and the school.

Moneys are still coming in but once these have all been counted they will be donated to CAFOD.

Thank you so much St Anthony parish and school for all you do to support CAFOD’s work!  Great to see such community spirit!

>  You can donate to our Lenten Appeal and have your donations doubled by the UK government.


Volunteers at St Anthony (Slough) prepare for Lent

Fr Nicholas, Parish Priest – St Anthony (Slough), very kindly invited CAFOD at Harvest 2016 to give a talk.  In the talk, I asked for volunteers and was delighted that several people from the various masses came forward.  We met on Sunday 15 January after mass to see how each could support CAFOD’s work in the parish especially over Fast Days.

Volunteers from St Anthony - Slough

Volunteers from St Anthony – Slough

Six people attended, two of whom came along after Fr Nicholas so warmly invited me to say a few words again at the end of the mass that day..

The group were great in coming up with ways to promote Lent Fast day this time.  They are going to ensure that there is someone to hand out envelopes at each mass (leaving pens on the pews for people to complete the Gift Aid).  They already have in mind who to ask to deliver the short talk.

As the parish and school are closely linked, they came up with the idea of holding a soup lunch which will include both.  Fantastic idea!

Well done to all the lovely volunteers at St Anthony’s.  You are so inspiring!

Find out more about Lent Fast day, and how you can get your parish involved.

Written by Deborah Purfield – Coordinator Northampton Diocese