St Bernadette’s School holds Mission of Justice workshops

From 13-15 March St Bernadette primary school in Milton Keynes held Mission of Justice days. To contribute to this, they invited CAFOD in to hold a couple of workshops.

Clive and Cathy – CAFOD Education Volunteers

Fair Trade Workshop

CAFOD schools’ volunteer Clive Gallagher ran a Fair Trade workshop alongside the Fair Trade cafe.  He explained to parents and pupils what Fair Trade was about and how choosing to support it was supporting responsible companies, empowering farmers and protecting the environment. He gave the example of how buying non- Fair Trade bananas gave the average banana farmer under 1p per banana which kept them in poverty whereas buying Fairtrade bananas gave farmers more than double this amount thus enabling them to make a living, provide for their families and live above the poverty line.

It was great to hear that after this workshop, pupils were moved so much as to ask their parents to buy Fair Trade goods, like bananas, in future to help support and empower farmers.

>> Sign the petition to ask Sainsbury’s not to ditch Fair Trade products

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Harvest Refresher day for Schools’ team

Our Fantastic schools’ team came together to learn about the new resources for Harvest Fast Day 2015.

Schools team HFD15

There was lots of laughter and fun when trying out the resources and all had a go at making the Peace Pie and a Conflict cake (below).

DSCN1816 DSCN1811

We even had raps written and performed (below) on the theme of “alternative to gangs membership”.  Love the multi-coloured wig which was part of the “Brighten up” theme  What a fab performance!

DSCN1844 DSCN1839

This was Bridget’s (CAFOD Education team)  last time with us and we had a leaving lunch for her.  Thanks Bridget for all your help and support.


Afternoon session got the group to match statements with the picture on child rights.. Hmm.. what goes where?

DSCN1846 DSCN1845

“I had a great time” said Theresa, a newly retired teacher who is planning to volunteer for CAFOD in schools.  “I didn’t know what to expect and there was a lovely atmosphere and everyone was so welcoming”.

Kate who is currently on maternity leave was keen not to miss the update so brought baby Ruben and Tristan along for a short while.  Great to see her!

If you are interested in raising awareness and understanding of the causes of poverty and injustice and to inspire a commitment to lasting change in our schools, we would love to hear from you.