Campaign volunteer uses every opportunity to Share the Journey

War, persecution, natural disaster and poverty have forced millions from their homes.  Inspired by Pope Francis to respond with compassion and call on governments to protect the human dignity of people on the move, CAFOD is asking all to join in a walk around the world to urge world leaders to step up to protect rights of refugees and migrants as part of the Share the Journey campaign.

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Marie Pennell (centre) and four others at the start of their 20mile Share the Journey walk

Marie Pennell, an amazing campaigns volunteer – St Teresa Princes Risborough, is always looking for opportunities to raise issues of injustice and poverty and was keen to be part of this campaign.  No only that, she did what she is great at doing – inviting others to join her.  Together with the parish CAFOD group, Marie organised a sponsored, Share the Journey walk and has another one planned in June.  Wanting to do more she decided to take part in the Thames Valley 20mile walk and do it as part of the Share the Journey campaign.

Her husband Allan and 3 friends joined her and they set off early on 5 May passing some lovely bluebell woods.  They prayed for refugees and migrants during their walk and 7 hrs later, they completed their 20mile walk thus adding 80miles to the totaliser.

Well done Marie and those who walked with you.  You are all a wonderful inspiration!

Can you organise a walk in your parish, school or group?  Please get in touch


Parish walking group add miles to Share the Journey

St Teresa in Princes Risborough is hoping to establish a regular parish walking group as a way of bringing the community together.  On Friday 27 April, a group got together and having heard about Share the Journey, decided to do their walk in solidarity with refugees and migrants and to have their miles added to the totaliser.

St Teresa Princes Risborough walking group – Share the Journey walk

One of the walkers said, “Although the forecast was not optimistic, 15 walkers optimistically set off for a 5 mile walk through the Chiltern fields and hills.  It did not rain the whole time and along the way we were able to appreciate the bluebells and cowslips which were in full bloom.  Despite some difficulties with muddy paths which resulted in a last-minute change of route (and an additional mile!), we all managed to arrive at the Black Horse in Lacey Green at the same time and were ready for our pub lunch.  Due to the heavy rain, the return to the car park to collect our cars was something of a route march and there was just time for a quick prayer and photo before returning home to dry out.  In all we each covered a route of 6 miles, totalling 90 miles towards the Share the Journey target.”

Well done to all who participated on the walk in solidarity with refugees and migrants. By walking you have sent a powerful message to world leaders that they too need to step up and protect the rights of people on the move.

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