Hear from Columban Missionary about Peru

FrHughesAs part of our CAFOD Campaigns Day, we are delighted to invite you to this unique event on where we will hear from Fr Peter Hughes, an Irish Columban priest from County Mayo who has spent most of his life as a missionary based in Lima, Peru.  As well as his work in some of the most desperately impoverished communities in Lima, Peter is an advisor to the Instituto Bartolome de las Casas and CELAM, the collegial council of Latin American bishops designed to promote pastoral leadership, initiatives and inspiration for the 22 bishops conferences of Latin America and the Caribbean.

We will also receive an update on our latest campaign action Power To Be.

Date :  Wednesday 12 July

Time :   7pm for 7:30pm – 8:30pm.

Venue :   Holy Ghost parish centre (the lounge room), 33 Westbourne Road, Beech Hill, LUTON LU4 8JD


All welcome.  To confirm your place, please get in touch dpurfield@cafod.org.uk or 01844 274 723.

Time for Time Out – Retreat at Woburn Sands

Proclaim the Mercy of God – Beating Heart of the Gospel

Proclaim the Mercy of God retreat

Proclaim the Mercy of God retreat

As the Year of Mercy draws to a close, CAFOD held a retreat at St Mary’s Woburn Sands which explored how each of us can continue to live out Pope Francis’ call to be “witnesses of mercy” in our families, communities and in our world. Twenty-two people from all over the diocese attended the day. From Aston-le-Wall (west-most part of the diocese – north) to Biggleswade (east-most of the diocese) down to Princes Risborough (south of the diocese). A great turn out! The retreat gave all a chance to reflect and take action in light of the Year of Mercy.

Deborah Purfield (CAFOD Coordinator – Northampton Diocese) said, “The retreat is an opportunity for people to be refreshed and sustained, to allow some time out from everyday life to reflect on our own faith journey in the company of other CAFOD supporters and in the peaceful surroundings of St Mary’s.”

Retreat day at Woburn Sands

Retreat day at Woburn Sands

The day was led by Sarah Hagger-Holt from CAFOD’s campaign team. We explored and pondered Scripture, using the passage of the prodigal son, and Pope Francis’ documents – Laudato Si’ and Amoris Laetitia.  Pope Francis mentioned about the “apostolate of the ear”  and following this we were given lots of opportunity to listen and learn from each other’s experiences and be inspired and enriched by stories from CAFOD’s campaigning and work overseas.

Sharing experiences with others

Sharing experiences with others

Sarah explained how Pope Francis is doing a lot to promote the cause of refugees, including visiting Lampedusa, where so many migrants washed up on European shores. But the world was slow to act.

Send refugees a message of hope

Instead of asking us, “what do you think you’re doing?” Pope Francis asks us a more profound question: “who do you think you are?” This opens up a whole new way of seeing the world and taps directly into the heart of his encyclical, Laudato Si’.

The world is a gift which we have freely received and must share with others… Let us not only keep the poor of the future in mind, but also today’s poor, whose life on this earth is brief and who cannot keep on waiting.’     –  Pope Francis

Instead of ‘empty activism’, our work is founded on time out and reflection. We are invited to start from a place of contemplation and move into action. So finding a solution to the refugee crisis is no longer only a tough political problem to be solved. Instead, it is a moral problem of how to treat our sisters and brothers.

Likewise, tackling climate change isn’t only about finding technical scientific solutions, it’s about “simple daily gestures which break with the logic of violence, exploitation and selfishness” in which we can all participate.

Play your part to reduce your carbon footprint

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We were invited to choose from a selection of photos one that made an impact on us and then meditate on it before sharing our thoughts with others.

In our busy lives, we’re always on the go – kids, work,etc..  It is non-stop. Pope Francis made up a word for this, “rapidification”. We were invited to explore how we can each say no to rapidification in our lives.

There was time for personal reflection after this and people wandered around the peaceful grounds and church. Aideen from Northampton said, “It was great to have this time to contemplate my life in the light of what we had heard. I felt very uplifted and challenged.”

The shared lunch which followed was so welcomed as people came in out of the cold. Having nourished their minds, they were delighted to nourish their bodies too. There was a wonderful buzz in the room as people shared their thoughts with each other over lunch.


What is Mercy?


Sharing what Mercy is

The afternoon session further developed the idea of Mercy and the feedback was amazing. There was recitation and quotes from Shakespeare as well as sharing thoughts and personal experience of what Mercy is. How true that “Heaven kisses earth when mercy seasons justice”.

Harry from Sacred Heart said, “It was great to meet so many new people and to be able to pray and reflect with them. I really enjoyed the day.”

Thanks to St Mary’s Woburn Sands for hosting the event.  This is the first time but certainly not the last for holding a CAFOD event here. It was a great!

Visit our website to find other such events around the country.


A Big Welcome to the New CAFOD group in SS Francis & Therese, Hunsbury and St Thomas More, Towcester

new CAFOD group - 28Apr16

Members of the  new parish group

We are delighted to welcome the new CAFOD group for SS Francis & Therese, Hunsbury and St Thomas More, Towcester.  The group are enthusiastic to start helping thousands of people who are living in poverty to transform their lives.

At their first meeting with CAFOD co-ordinator, Deborah Purfield, they discussed different ways they could get involved promoting CAFOD’s work.  Apart from fundraising, they discussed how the parish could become more involved in campaigning with actions.  This would not only help tackle the root causes of poverty and injustice but strengthen the parish community as well.  Some of these included proclaiming Laudato Si within the parish, getting involved in the Power to the people (part of the One Climate, One World campaign) with the signing of the petition to help those living in energy poverty and promoting the Lampedusa cross.  They were also interested in encouraging people to switch to ethical banking and green electricity.

Deborah Purfield said:

“ Fr Brendan and the parish have been so supportive of CAFOD’s work.  Delighted that there is now a CAFOD group to help facilitate the various aspects of CAFOD’s work within the parish.  It was such a pleasure for me to meet members of the group.  Thank you for being so inspirational and we look forward to hearing about all the exciting things going on in the parish.”

Fr Brendan has already started the ball rolling by opening his doors at Hunsbury to accommodate the Supporters’ Day on the 24 September!  Wonderful!

If you’d like to find out more about how to form a CAFOD group or other ways to volunteer with us do get in touch.