Fantastic Four – Area coordinators

We are so blessed to have four wonderful parish volunteers taking on an additional role of the area coordinator.   They will have the opportunity to work with and motivate a small group of volunteers in their various pastoral areas :

Area Coordinators for Northampton Diocese

Ged – SE Bucks, Rose – Luton and parts of Central Beds, Dinah – Bedford and Maggie – Milton Keynes

They attended a training session at the volunteer centre in Princes Risborough where they could share ideas and meet their fellow area coordinators.  Dinah said, “It is great to have met other area coordinators and hear their experiences.  The day was so helpful and useful and I feel so much more comfortable in the role now.  Knowing I have  the support not only of the Debbie (CAFOD coordinator) but also of fellow volunteers is great!”

Santi, office volunteer, also gave input at the training day introducing the group to the volunteer portal which has a wealth of resources and information.

The area coordinators left feeling enthused.  Maggie commented, “It was a great day!  I am so glad I came.  I feel inspired to go out and do more – to share CAFOD’s vision with others and I can’t wait to start.”

A massive Thank You to Ged, Dinah, Maggie and Rose for offering their time, skills and talents to deepen relationships and build new ones in their pastoral area and share CAFOD’s vision with others.  A big thanks to Santi for supporting the group by sharing his invaluable I.T skills!  You are all such an inspiration!

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>>  The Area Coordinator role is a rewarding opportunity for people with a passion for encouraging others to make a real difference.   Is this something you feel inspired to do?  If so get in touch , 01844 274 723.

Our new Campaign coordinator – Ged Nolan

Ged Nolan is one of our amazing volunteers who has been a wonderful example of how to put one’s faith into action. Seeking a new purpose after retirement, Ged was inspired by CAFOD’s commitment to work with people who devote their lives to defending the rights of the poorest and most marginalised around the world.

Ged Nolan – a Volunteer with many hats!

Ged felt that his experienced in working with and providing aid to many people in Africa and Asia would come in handy.

Ged with other School volunteers at a training day

Ged came forward to volunteer for CAFOD as an Educational Volunteer in April 2015 when he saw it advertised in the parish newsletter.  He now visits local catholic schools, where he carries out assemblies and workshops. He has promoted CAFOD’s campaigns, such as ‘Power To Be‘, ‘Speak up for CAFOD‘ and the ‘Lampedusa Cross pilgrimage‘.

For Ged, the inclusion of young people into CAFOD’s work is vital to ensure that CAFOD’s mission and values carry on.

Ged in is office volunteer role

In late 2015, Ged offered to work in the volunteer centre as an office volunteer wanting to give more time to the cause he believed in so much.

Then in 2016, Ged agreed to be the Parish contact at his parish of St Joseph’s (Gerrads Cross).  Through this and his other roles, Ged was starting to get more familiar with CAFOD’s work and enjoyed liaising with other volunteers so stepping into the role of Area coordinator for the SE Bucks Pastoral area was an easy transition.

Ged having coordinator training from the campaigns team

In May 2017 he took on the role and hit the ground running.  He also signed up to be an MP correspondent! In July 2017 Ged allowed his arm to be twisted to take on the role of Campaign Coordinator for the Northampton Diocese as he was already doing that role to a small extent.

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Ged said he accepted this role because:

Ged supporting CAFOD campaign Power to Be


“ I am passionate about having the opportunity to stimulate, grow and help the existing and potential Campaign Volunteers.  Volunteers play a vital role in helping to change the root causes of injustice which keep our brothers and sisters living in poverty.  With their support we can help fight inequality and injustice”.



In his new role, Ged will be working closely with current campaign volunteers as well as those keen to support CAFOD campaigns in other ways. He will also network with parishes and other organisations to help maximise the impact of CAFOD campaigns.

Ged gives a talk about CAFOD’s work

Energising and training current volunteers, as well as enthusing people to join our campaigns will be another major aspect of Ged’s new role.

It is clear that Ged is motivated from the heart to help others. Once you have met Ged, it is impossible not to be moved by his compassion towards those around him, as well as his tremendous generosity in terms of time and effort.  He is always ready to lend a hand and has warmed himself to those whom he works with by his gentleness and good sense of humour.

Thank you Ged for all you do. You are a great example of the true spirit of CAFOD’s volunteers!

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New volunteer coordinator for Luton

We are delighted to welcome Rose Bluett as our coordinator for the Luton pastoral area.  Rose very generously stepped up to take on this role in Luton and has hit the ground running!

Rose Bluett – Volunteer coordinator for Luton

Last Harvest fast day 2016 Rose, a reader at Our Lady Help of Christianity (Luton), was asked by the parish volunteer then to help give the Fast day talk at some of the masses. She found she enjoyed this and felt that it made a difference.  She then came forward to support the CAFOD volunteer in the parish but soon found herself having to take over the role when the parish volunteer stepped down.  This did not phase Rose and she rose to the challenge.  She attended both Supporters days and started preparing for Lent Fast Day 2017.

Rose at the Lent supporters’ day 2017

Noticing her keenness and potential, Deborah (CAFOD coordinator –  Northampton diocese) asked if she would consider taking on the role of area coordinator for Luton. Rose very generously agreed and threw herself fully into the role.

She started networking with the other volunteers and parish priests in Luton and was soon well versed in it. She proactively got in touch with them to find out if all parishes had someone to give the Lent 2016 Fast Day talk and when there wasn’t, she herself went to do it.

Rose giving the fast day talk in her parish

After fast day, she phoned the volunteers again to find out how they got on and to give them support. For those who were unwell, she went the extra mile to send them cards to show they were thought of.   Her dedication is amazing  – Rose has been known to take 3 buses (taking 3 hours) to come to the Volunteer centre to get information and discuss ideas.  She has also showed up for so many CAFOD events and encouraged others to do so.

When asked why she took on the role of coordinator, Rose said “I believe in CAFOD’s work in working for Justice and Peace without discrimination. I enjoy getting to know people and working with the church community.  Even though I am still learning about CAFOD’s work, I feel I can make a difference and am keen use the skills I have to do so”.

You are a great inspiration Rose! Thanks for all you have done so far and we look forward to what you will do.

To find out more about volunteering for CAFOD, please contact us at or 01844 274 723