Parish in Wellingborough Go-Green with soup lunch

This Family Fast Day the parish of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and St Edmund Campion – Wellingborough pulled out all the stops to support people around the world who are dedicating their lives to protecting God’s creation.

With the wonderful support of parish priest Fr Paul Inman and Parish volunteers Domnic and Anne, they started with the petition signing to urge the Prime Minister to put people hardest hit at the heart of COP26 climate talks.

>>  Why not be part of the Global Day of Action?  Find out more here

CAFOD COP26 petition signing

CAFOD Family Fast day display

For Family Fast Day, they had a wonderful display and through the short talk, explained how people around the world who are dedicating their lives to care for God’s creation could be supported.  They handed out envelopes and the community were wonderful in their support!

But it didn’t stop there!  Parish volunteers Domnic and Anne then decided to Go Green to support CAFOD’s amazing work by sharing a planet-friendly soup lunch in the parish hall and raising further funds to transform the lives of people around the world whose communities are under threat because of the climate crisis.

Domnic said “I managed to convince my wife to help make the soup.  She had never made that quantity before but as it happened, four others came forward which was great and all enjoyed it.  I think we would make this a regular event for Fast Days in future and maybe then my wife might have a go!”.

Domnic, parish volunteer preparing CAFOD resources

When asked what the best thing about volunteering for CAFOD was, Domnic replied, ” Knowing that the work you do has a significant impact on the lives of those living in poverty around the world. Additionally the activities like soup Lunches and fundraisers are good social events in the church which instil a community spirit.”

A Massive THANK YOU to our wonderful volunteers for promoting CAFOD’s work in the parish, to Fr Paul for his great support and to all who participated with prayer, signing the petition and giving so generously towards Family Fast Day and those who prepared the yummy soup!  What an inspiration you all are!!

> To donate to CAFOD’s Climate Crisis Appeal, click here

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