Parish Volunteer Coordinator for Milton Keynes does amazing work

CAFOD works through amazing volunteers who give their time and talent to promote CAFOD’s work in their parishes, schools and beyond.  One such volunteer is Maggie Osgathorp who has been a CAFOD volunteer for over 25 years.  Maggie was presented with a papal blessing in 2018 for the wonderful work she has done over the years in her parish.  Through coffee mornings, quizzes, table top sales etc.. she has managed encourage her parish to support CAFOD’s work and they have been fantastic.

Maggie’s “one pound shop”

Maggie Osgathorp with her Papal Blessing

Since receiving her papal blessing, Maggie has upped her game, wanting to do more to promote CAFOD’s work.. even beyond the boundaries of her parish.  Seeing her keenness and talent, CAFOD coordinator Deborah Purfield asked if she would be interested in taking on the role of parish volunteer coordinator for Milton Keynes pastoral area.  It didn’t take Maggie long to reflect on and agree to it.

Maggie appealing for  volunteers

Maggie has then been on a mission to recruit volunteers for all the parishes where there were none.  She got in touch with the parish priests to see if she could give talks and ask for people to be part of CAFOD’s vision.  All her efforts were not in vain.  We now have volunteers in every parish in the Milton Keynes deanery.  Maggie didn’t stop there, she got in touch with all the volunteers, new and those existing, to introduce herself.  She is now supporting them with Deborah’s help.

Thank you so much Maggie.  You are really amazing to have done all you have – to use your skills and talents to encourage and support others to put their faith into action.


> Would you like to volunteer with CAFOD?  Do get in touch or see our website for more details about volunteering in your parish.


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