Pat Taylor – an inspirational Volunteer

CAFOD’s work brings hope and empowers communities living in poverty across the world. Volunteers play a big part in this.

Pat Taylor – Parish Volunteer

This month’s volunteer feature is Patricia Taylor from the Parish of John Henry Newman (High Wycombe). Pat has been a Parish volunteer with CAFOD since the early 1990s.  She has always been eager to raise awareness of those living in poverty and injustice and being a teacher for 24 years gave her the opportunity to do this in the schools she worked in. During Lent, she would encourage her pupils to participate in a 24-hour fast to raise money.

Pat explains about Connect2 Brazil project

When she retired, Pat was keen to continue to raise awareness in her parish and took on the role of parish volunteer. Being a good communicator and involved very much in the life of the parish, Pat took on the role with enthusiasm and has done so much over the years to promote CAFOD’s work in the parish.  With the support of the parish priest, Pat got the parish to sign up to Connect 2 Brazil. A lot of the donations come from the coffee mornings held after mass where Pat can be seen talking to people about CAFOD’s work over a cuppa. Over the years, the parish has raised nearly £9k for the project in Sao Paulo.  Fantastic!

Find out more about the Connect2 scheme >>

Pat has a wonderful ability of evangelising and encouraging others to be involved even now at the age of 83 years! To see opportunities and go for it!  She has been known to bring along over 8 people with her to supporters’ days and encouraging others to learning more about CAFOD’s work.  She has been the force behind Fast Days in her parish with the help of her parish priest Fr Joseph and others. Really amazing!

When asked about what encompasses the CAFOD ethos in her role of volunteering, she replied, “CAFOD helps anyone in need, regardless of beliefs. I love the way they work by empowering communities.  I want to do what I can to be part of that vision.”

We thank Pat for giving her time, skills and talents in promoting CAFOD over the years. You have been such an inspiration to the community.  We thank God for you!

To find out more about volunteering for CAFOD, please contact us at or 01844 274 723

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