A great gift for confirmation

Luke receives his Confirmation gift

When Luke made his confirmation, his aunt and uncle wanted to give him something that was meaningful, something that would reflect his new life in the Holy Spirit. What better gift than a World Gift from CAFOD.

Luke has always been a great CAFOD supporter together with his family and has done various fundraising events for CAFOD and spoken at mass.  So receiving a World Gift for his confirmation was something he could really appreciate. His parents, Anita and Francis were also thrilled with the gift.

Luke delighted with his World Gift

Luke with his parents

His aunt Deborah said, “We tried to get Luke a gift which symbolised the Holy Spirit and the closest we could get to doves were pigeons and he loved it.”

Luke was keen to show his grandparents and friends his gift and said, “It is so good receiving gifts which can really help transform lives and such a gift for my confirmation is ideal as it will be a reminder to me how I too am always being transformed in the Spirit.”

>> For more World Gift ideas, visit our web page

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