Yr 6 at St Mary Magdalene Primary focus on Refugees

To end a very special RE week on Friday 19 May CAFOD’s Education volunteer Cathy Stormonth delivered two workshops at St Mary Magdalene School to two Year 6 classes.

Yr 6 hear about the plight of refugees

St Mary Magdalene School was blessed to have had the Lampedusa Cross (borrowed from the cathedral) in their school for RE Week. It has been the focus of some very special assemblies and work across the school.

CAFOD’s Education volunteer Cathy Stormonth explained to pupils about the refugee crisis. She did an exercise with them which involved matching statements about the refugee crisis to some shocking statistics.  Pupils saw a film featuring rescued Syrian refugee children in Greece who were waiting to be transported to Germany. They told about their dreams to have the chance of better and safe lives.

The Lampedusa Cross Pilgrimage helped pupils think about the refugees who were displaced from their homes and how their lives were shattered. Pupils showed solidarity with the refugees and were pleased to hear how CAFOD is helping to ‘welcome the outsider’ and look after them in Greece.

The session ended with a prayer and students wrote messages of hope for the refugees.

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The Lampedusa Cross

St Mary Magdalene should be very proud of their pupils who wrote some beautiful and heart warming messages. One of their teachers, Mrs Howell, has visited Syria herself and knows firsthand about the people and the country and said ‘I feel very emotional when I think about how desperate families are to leave their homeland to be safe and realise their hopes and dreams in Europe’.

Thanks to the students from Yr 6 and staff who were involved in the CAFOD session and a big thank you to Cathy for delivering a very thought-provoking workshop.


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