One of our Longest standing Volunteers

CAFOD has wonderful volunteers and one such person is 83 year old Agnes Milne from St Mary’s parish Dunstable.  Isabelle (a fellow volunteer) writes about Agnes :

Agnes Milne

With a strong passion for Africa, Agnes Milne embarked on her journey to Uganda before CAFOD actually began. In Uganda, as a Geography teacher with young Christian students, she enjoyed being a part of the Overseas development. Word of a Catholic movement to help improve conditions for those who live in poverty overseas sparked Agnes’ initial interest.

Agnes got involved with CAFOD in its early days and has been a strong force in getting the voice of the voiceless heard. Knowing that campaigning can tackle the root causes of poverty, Agnes has been involved in many campaigns such as the Jubilee 2000 petition, calling for an end to the crippling debt facing many of the world’s poorest countries.  This succeeded in cancelling US$110 billion worth of debt owed by poor countries!  She was also involved with the Make Poverty History campaign in 2005 and many others.

Agnes campaigning at Westminster with her family

The decision to volunteer was “the cheerfulness and the wonderful reception” she received from CAFOD and how “the volunteers were so committed and dedicated in their role.”  What stood out for Agnes as a portrayal of CAFOD’s work was the fact that they “work in partnership and direct the money to where it is needed most which empowers and brings great joy to the community to help them out of poverty.”

Agnes has been a long-standing parishioner of St Mary’s in Dunstable and involved in many aspects of parish life. She is a campaigner and MP Correspondent as well as the parish volunteer for CAFOD.  She sits on the Justice and Peace commission for the diocese.

Agnes is often seen encouraging others to be involved and this has led to youth and Brownies fund-raisers with young people giving the fast day talk in the parish and attending the Supporters’ day.

Thank you Agnes for all you have done and continue to do to support CAFOD’s work. You are a shining example to us all !

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