Reception class at Our Lady’s Chesham Bois goes “fishy”

CAFOD’s Margaret Wellington has been visiting Our Lady’s RC Primary in Chesham Bois.

Florence & her pal Bob the fish

Wendy King, the Reception Class teacher, invited Margaret to help the children learnt how CAFOD is helping people like Florence from Zambia make  living from fish farming.  CAFOD supplied her with the tools she needed to dig a pond and the little fish, like bob, that were put into the pond.  The class was very keen to find out how Florence used the money from the sale of the fish to make a living.

Margaret explained how Florence’s life was changed because she now had enough to feed her family and some left over which she could sell at the market to earn some money to enable her to go to school.

But it did not stop there.  When she had finished her training, Florence returned to her community and told her neighbours how they could all help with the farm and “Turn Little Fish into Big Fish”.

Our Lady (Chesham Bois)’s display

Everyone, children and staff alike, were engaged in making a display by colouring the tiny fish and writing words such as “love” and “care” on paper scales, before colouring and sticking them onto the big fish you see in the picture.

Thanks to Margaret our fab Education volunteer and to Our Lady’s for inviting CAFOD into the school.

Visit our website for fundraising ideas and prayers.


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