Candles for CAFOD

Candles for CAFOD

CAFOD supporters from across the country are coming up with new and innovative ways of supporting our Lent Fast Day appeal. In the Diocese of Northampton, parishioners found a great way to turn old into new…

When the Chapel of St Alban in Winslow closed last year and moved its services to the Anglican Church of St Laurence, it necessitated clearing more than 60 years of accumulated bits and pieces from the small premises.

Lurking in the back of a cupboard in the Sacristy there was a large unused Paschal Candle – and it did not fit the current stand. So, what do you do with such a large amount of candlewax?

Parishioners decided to cut the candle into sections approximately 20cm long and sell them for CAFOD in support of the Lent Fast Day appeal – and members of the local community ‘saw the light’ and snapped them up to help raise vital funds for CAFOD’s work.  They raised a fabulous £226!  Thanks so much to all who organised it and those who bought the candles.

CAFOD has a variety of ideas you can adopt in order to help support our 2017 Lent Fast Day appeal.

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