A fabulous fishy assembly at St Teresa Princes Risborough

Head teacher welcomes CAFOD volunteer Margaret to the school

Thank you to St Teresa’s Primary school Princes Risborough for welcoming our CAFOD education volunteer Margaret Wellington to your school.   We were also welcomed into the reception year for a separate session which was wonderful!

Margaret explained how CAFOD is helping to alleviate poverty this Lent.

Florence & her pal Bob the fish

The theme around the ‘Big Fish Project’ brought about an enthusiastic response from the school especially when Florence and her little fish pal “Bob” were introduced.

CAFOD’s partners have helped Florence by training her how to farm fish.  CAFOD supplied her with the tools she needed to dig a pond and the 500 little fish that were put into the pond.

Fish the size of your thumb

When she had finished her training, Margaret explained how Florence could “Turn Little Fish the size of your thumb into Big Fish”. These little fish have changed Florence’s life because she now has enough to feed her family and some left over which she can sell at the market to earn some money that enables her to send her children to school. She was keen to share her skills with her community so that they too could benefit as she had.

Pupils were eager to volunteer to go fishing and catch fish that represented the impact of fish farming in those communities such as giving them a healthier diet, provide funds to educate children and bring about a much better quality of life in villages.” £4 buys a hundred baby fish and that £20 buys the tools and the kit needed to make the pond.

What have you caught?

The Assembly was drawn to a close with a prayer and by referring to Pope Francis’ call for us to “Care for Our Common Home” with an assurance that we will be caring for our common home if we help families like Florence’s as we and CAFOD “Feed the Hungry” this Lent.

Friday 10 March is Lent Fast Day.


Students make their promises for Lent

Mrs Jackie Aggett (chaplain) said “It’s so important for our children to hear how communities in poverty benefit from CAFOD’s work and be able to live better lives. It was wonderful to hear how Florence shared her knowledge and skills in fish farming so that many more families could benefit.”  Pupils have written their Lenten promises on little fish shapes and were all geared up for the assembly.

Head teach Mr Simon Detre explained that the school had set aside a special CAFOD fundraising day. He said, “We are thrilled to be supporting CAFOD in Lent and I wondered how many hundred baby fish St Teresa’s pupils would be able to buy!” We hope you enjoyed the assembly and we look forward to hearing about your bring and buy sale on the 24 March.

Many thanks to Margaret for delivering such a “fantastically fishy” assembly and reception session as well as to all the children, staff and parents at St Teresa’s Primary for supporting CAFOD’s work!

For more ideas of fundraising see our A-Z of fishy fundraising activities.

Here is our Lent film for you to enjoy

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