Young volunteer – Passionate about Justice

Gwen giving a Fast Day talk

Gwen giving a Fast Day talk

After hearing a talk in her parish asking for volunteers in 2014, Gwen decided to put herself forward and together with a few others, they formed a CAFOD group.

Gwen is part of the Bedford group

Gwen is part of the Bedford group

She has attended several supporters’ days in the diocese and was keen to bring her friends and mum along as well.  Some of them are now keen CAFOD supporters.

Gwen promoted CAFOD in her parish by giving the fast day talks, handing out envelopes and, as part of the team, doing extra fundraising activities.  She was however keen to promote CAFOD in her school as well.  When she was made head girl she went for it.

With the help of teachers and fellow students, Gwen helped organised the annual coffee morning in which the school invites people from the nearby residential home and parishioners. Gwen said, “we set up CAFOD boxes and leaflets in the canteen and had a lot of support from the students, teachers and the public.  We raised over £200”. She adds, “We now have CAFOD boxes in the sixth-form centre and prayer room which were made by our design technology department. Students can put their money in which they do.”

Gwen with Chaplain promoting CAFOD in the school

Gwen with Chaplain promoting CAFOD in the school

With the chaplain’s support, Gwen has been involved with the school’s Lampedusa pilgrimage walk and was able to distribute cards to each form for them to write messages of hope to the refugees. She has also helped give some CAFOD assemblies to various year groups.

Together with the sixth-form faith ambassadors, Gwen promoted the advent calendar, prayers and reflections to each form and incorporated stories about the refugees in their Advent service. They are also looking to get more recycling done in the school.

Gwen concludes, “I have joined the salt & light programme run by youth leaders from the Northampton diocese and we have to design projects for awareness and fundraising. I am going to base mine on CAFOD’s work!”.

Thanks so much Gwen for your wonderful support!

To find out more about volunteering for CAFOD, please contact us at or 01844 274 723


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