St Mary’s Dunstable hear about CAFOD’s work – Harvest 2016

At Harvest, many volunteers gave the CAFOD talk in their parishes and Isabelle was no exception. She was keen that her parish heard about CAFOD’s work in Bolivia :

Fr Kieran with Isabelle

Fr Kieran with Isabelle

“It’s been a rollercoaster ride for so many. The events in Syria, the Refugee Crisis, Hurricane Matthew etc… have devastated millions of lives!  Yet lots of great events have taken place around the country that have made an impact on someone’s life this year.

One way I felt I could contribute to support my brothers and sisters overseas is by using my voice to let others know how they can make an impact.  I love public speaking and was delighted to give the Fast Day talk in my parish.

Fr Kieran invited me up to the lectern to give the Harvest Fast Day talk. I was going to just read the talk about Niconora from Bolivia but when I looked at the congregation and back down at my sheet, a thought suddenly struck me, “I am so blessed to have food to keep me healthy and shelter to keep me safe and warm unlike Niconora’s community.  I really want to be part of helping others to have this even via small acts like standing up and speaking.”

Isabelle giving the CAFOD talk

Isabelle giving the CAFOD talk

With this connection, I delivered the talk with a new sense of purpose as I was keen to share what I felt with the congregation and to let them know about the new  Hands On Boliva project where they could journey with the community in Bolivia to reach a harvest of plenty.  I want to thank the entire congregation of St Mary’s Church in Dunstable for helping me realise this and for supporting CAFOD’s Harvest Fast Day.”

The parish raise over £1,700.  A fantastic amount!  A big thanks to Isabelle and her community for supporting Harvest Fast Day.


CAFOD is always looking for more people to volunteer to speak in their parish or neighbouring parish.  Please get in touch for more information.


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