Students ‘Brightened Up’ for Harvest at St Paul’s School in Milton Keynes!

On Friday 7 October nearly 300 Year 9 students attended a Harvest Fast assembly. They heard from CAFOD school volunteer Cathy Stormonth about the Harvest campaign to help and support the people of Bolivia. Many students and staff dressed in their brightest clothes inspired by the bright colours of Bolivia. Check out the picture!

St Paul MK Yr 9 students Brighten up for Harvest

St Paul MK Yr 9 students Brighten up for Harvest

Cathy explained that Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America where almost half of the population (about 2.5million people) live below the poverty line. Climate Change makes growing food incredibly tough. Because families are unable to grow enough varied food for a good diet, many people, especially children, are malnourished.

Year 9 students watched a clip of Rebeca and her family who live on the Altiplano, in the Andes where the soil is very poor quality and very dry.  Rebeca had a hard life trying to help her parents grow crops to survive.  So thanks to CAFOD Rebeca’s family were helped to build a wormery and construct a poly tunnel greenhouse. These wonder worms can turn animal dung into rich compost which is used to successfully grow crops. Now Rebeca’s family can live on these crops and have plenty left over to sell. Their lives have been transformed.  Watch the clip :

So for the price of a bucket of worms and a greenhouse kit – which is under £300 – a Bolivian family has the chance of a much healthier and happier life – which is really quite amazing.

Head of Year 9, Lisa Shepherd, told students that ‘If every student in Year 9 contributed one pound each that would be enough to really make a difference to the life of a Bolivian family’ Year 9 students agreed with much nodding of heads and one said ‘This is SUCH a good idea!’  The school raised just under £1,300!  Fantastic amount!  Well done St Paul’s!

School Chaplain Anne Hoskins confirmed that it was always good to hear directly from CAFOD where the fundraising money was going and how it was going to be spent ‘It makes it all much more meaningful for our students’.

Go to our website to get more great fundraising ideas and/or donate to the Harvest appeal.


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