New blogger for CAFOD


We’re delighted to welcome brand new volunteer Isabelle! She told us a bit about what inspired her to join the CAFOD team, and what she’ll be helping us with.

My faith matters a lot to me and I am very keen to deepen my relationship with Jesus through understanding and action. We have had CAFOD visits in my school and my parish promotes Fast Days as well.  From these and finding out more about CAFOD’s work, I felt that this was the charity for me as I would be able to put my faith into action.

What is great about CAFOD is that it combines the learning about my faith, that I crave and I can also help fellow members of my parish and those whom I am connected to through my beliefs. When you think about the number of people on this earth (over 7 billion), it is overwhelming. But, more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty.  This information shocked me. It made me feel a kind of hollow sadness that eats away at my heart.  I felt I needed to do something to make a difference, no matter how small.

In our R.E lessons in school I learn about the meaning of the word Stewardship.  It is to protect and look after what you have been put in charge of.  God created us, so that means we must care for one another, no matter how near or far, old or young, tall or short, ethnicity or race they are.

Using what time I have outside studies, I have volunteered to do some blogging for CAFOD Northampton as well as support Fast Days in my parish to raise awareness of CAFOD’s work.  Hopefully I’ll be able to encourage my friends to join me too.

So look out, I may be in touch to get some of your wonderful stories!

If you would like to volunteer for CAFOD, please get in touch with CAFOD Northampton.


Written by Isabelle


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