Looking up the definition of “Fundraising”, the dictionary states: ‘noun- the act or process of raising funds.’  However, parishioners at St Teresa’s – Princes Risborough, did something much more than just raising funds…

Making full use of the summer season, they held a BBQ on the 4 August to raise funds for CAFOD as well as learn about CAFOD’s work, build community spirit and enjoy food together! Over 50 people attended including the Parish Priest, Fr Joseph –  a fantastic turn out!

summary BBQ


One of the organisers of the event, Marie Pennell who recently returned from Uganda where she saw one of CAFOD’s projects, commented, “it was a wonderful afternoon. These social gatherings provide a great platform for parishioners to support and gain a better understanding of the work of CAFOD which we are all a part of.”


Fundraisers like this BBQ are vital for CAFOD to continue its much needed work and a massive thank you to the parish and those who organised and supported the event. They raised a phenomenal £607 for CAFOD!

If you would like to hold an event in your parish or school, we have lots more online fundraising ideas or you get in touch with the volunteer centre : or 0184 274723

Written by Isabelle


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