Turvey Abbey in solidarity with refugees

Frank Sudlow with Sr Esther from Turvey Abbey and her Icon of the Feeding of the five thousand

Frank Sudlow with Sr Esther and her Icon of the Feeding of the five thousand

The community at Turvey Abbey and those who attend mass there have been amazing in all they have done to support CAFOD’s work over the years.  They have not only supported with donations but with campaigning and art as well. Sr Ester, who just celebrated her golden Jubilee (congrats Sr !) and who designed the icon for CAFOD depicting the Feeding of the Five Thousand, has been fantastic in promoting campaigns and brother John always mentions CAFOD at the end of Sunday mass to give those present an opportunity to support CAFOD’s work.

Sr Ester reflected, “there is so much hurt in the world and if we can do anything to help, we would want to play our part” . Sr Ester was keen to show solidarity with refugees by encouraging the community as well as those attending mass at Turvey Abbey, to write messages of hope to refugees after she heard about the story of the Lampedusa Cross.

Sr Ester and Tony hand out Lampedusa cards

Sr Ester and Tony hand out Lampedusa cards after mass

Antony Smith who has been the CAFOD volunteer at Turvey abbey for many years and who has been promoting CAFOD’s Connect 2 scheme there was also moved when hearing about the refugee crisis and was keen to promote the Lampedusa action cards as a way of being in solidarity with the refugees.

Both Sr Ester and Tony handed out cards for people to write messages of hope on. People were so open and generous as well and many completed the Gif Aid envelopes to make their donations go even further (by 20%).

A massive Thank You to all at Turvey who support the work of CAFOD. You have been absolutely great !

All resources for the Year of Mercy and for ordering the Lampedusa cards online can be downloaded.  For those who would like to borrow the actual Lampedusa Cross (which is in our cathedral), please get in touch directly with the cathedral.

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