Fun Day for Aylesbury Parish

buy a cow

Maggy and John Fry at St Edwards School

St Edwards School hosted a special Donation cow event on Saturday and raised over £100 for CAFOD. Face-painting and teddies on sale were also part of the fundraising activities on the day.

The Donation Cow consisted of a poster with a picture of a cow which was divided into squares for £1 each.

Maggy Fry who organised the event with her husband John said;

“The event at St Edwards School was a great success and the weather was kind to us. We actually took £100.19 because we stuck one of the collection boxes on the table (to show how to put it together) and someone put some change in it!

“I copied the buy a piece of cow for a family from two years ago and drew up my own poster and that raised over £50. We gave the little pyramid boxes to some of the children and told them they could bring it to me in the folk group at mass when it was full. They liked that!”

We would like to say a massive thank you to Maggie and John for helping organise the day and raise awareness of the work of CAFOD in such a creative way.

Download our how to guide of how to organise your own event

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