Parish Volunteers in Luton get together


DSCN2768It was great to have some of the Luton parish volunteers get together to meet each other and brainstorm on how to promote CAFOD in their parishes and across Luton. It was a very fruitful meeting and the volunteers were great in sharing their skills, knowledge and experience with each other.

Graham said, “It is good to meet others from Luton as I didn’t know some of them. Now we can work together which will be much better than each one working separately.  I am keen that we promote LiveSimply as a Pastoral Area”.

Edewede added, “I now feel I can take things forward with the support. It was good to have met the others.”

The volunteers were so helpful in looking into how all parishes could have a talk at Harvest Fast Day weekends in Luton and came up with very good suggestions.  They are hoping to attend the Supporters’ Day on either 17 September at Beaconsfield or 24 September in Hunsbury (Northampton).  Graham even offered to provide lifts to help keep the carbon footprint down!  All who were unable to attend were sent mins of the meeting.

If you would like to volunteer as a parish contact, please get in touch

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