Parish Quiz night and Raffle

DSC00423Last week, a group of parishioners from Hunsbury and Towcester organised a quiz and raffle in aid of CAFOD.

On 7 July, parishioners gathered in Hunsbury for a raffle and quiz night where around 20-25 people from the two parishes attended for a night of fun to raise awareness of the work of CAFOD. This was the first event that had been organised to combine both parishes and it was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who attended.

We have our own how to guide, which you can download to get you started

DSC00424Gabriel Abrahams, who organised the event, said:

“Before the event, we were supported by Fr. Brendan via the newsletters and also verbal announcements after all masses.

“We managed to raise a total of £76 for CAFOD and it was a good opportunity to educate people on the work of CAFOD. Furthermore, many of those who attended took the CAFOD resources to share with their family and friends.

“Overall the people who attended said they really enjoyed the evening and from that point of view I would consider it a success.”

Deborah Purfield, who is the CAFOD representative in Northampton, said:

“I can’t thank you and those who organised it enough. I think you have all done a really wonderful job!”

If you would like to find out more about how to organise your own event, you can download our A-Z guide.

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