Faith in Action Week at St Paul’s School – Milton Keynes


St Paul’s School in Milton Keynes ran a “Faith in Action Week” in June and invited CAFOD and four other charities to contribute to it.  All 283 students in Year 10 took part in the workshops which were repeated four times throughout the day over two days.

IMG_2307Our CAFOD volunteer Cathy Stormonth presented workshops on Climate Change. Pope Francis’  encyclical on Laudato Si – care for our common home, was the focus of the workshop and its message sparked off some lively discussions about the unfairness of climate change impact on the poorest people.  The students also looked at global statistics and were given case studies to help inform their opinion about the effects of Climate change

The students wrote a prayer, thought or reflection on little hearts notelets which they displayed. The session ended with a reflection and prayer. A very busy 55 minutes!

IMG_0961 IMG_2302






After the 8th workshop all the leaders with some of the staff watched the second half of the England–Wales game in which England won – much to everyone’s delight!  A very good day indeed!

If you are interested in volunteering in Schools, please get in touch

Written by Cathy Stormount.

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