To all our Volunteers, Thank you

Schools team HFD15Every year, thousands of volunteers, young and old, join our campaigns to raise awareness and fundraise. From turning on the taps in Uganda to rebuilding lives in Nepal, hundreds of thousands of lives have been transformed because of, you, our volunteers and supporters, so we would like to say thank you!

In our diocese, parishes, individuals, religious and school communities were inspired to raise over a staggering £252,000 for our Lent Appeal. You did everything from bake cakes to hold Lent Lunches, even to running a marathon!

happy girls with water

Girls in Uganda who were helped by the Lent Appeal

For our recent Lent Appeal, the donations from all over the UK have raised over £4.3 million! This will ensure millions of women, men and children across the world have access to life-saving clean water. Furthermore, as the UK government promised to match the first £3.5 million of your donations, nearly £8m will help people living in the poorest parts of the world to get water as well as tackling poverty worldwide.

One year ago, a devastating earthquake hit Nepal. We launched an emergency appeal and parishes and schools in our diocese responded incredibly by raising over £47,000 by holding coffee mornings and collections in parishes and schools.

You have made a difference to people’s lives all over the world by fundraising, organising events, writing to your MPs, spreading the word in your parish or in local schools. Your efforts have changed policies, hearts, minds and lives.

Thank you

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