Young CAFOD volunteer speaks about their work in her first Holy Communion


Annrose speaking at her Holy Communion

After hearing a CAFOD talk after mass at Our Lady of Peace in Slough, Augustine and his daughter Annrose, were inspired to act for CAFOD and raise awareness of the work that is being done all over the world. They decided that Annrose’s first communion would be an ideal place to start.  Annrose and her family agreed that they didn’t need any presents for the occasion and that they would ask their guests to donate to CAFOD instead.  Annrose wanted to take it even further by giving a short talk at her party.

Find out how to Volunteer with CAFOD 

On May 7, Annrose received her first Holy Communion and over £700 was donated to CAFOD. Although Annrose was slightly nervous for her talk which she rehearsed several times.

In her speech, she said:

Annrose standing at her CAFOD stall

Annrose speaking at her Holy Communion

“Looking around you will be able to see lots of CAFOD items.  For those who are not familiar, CAFOD is the Catholic Agency for Overseas Development.

“Putting faith into action, CAFOD helps our sisters and brothers living in extreme poverty and injustice.  CAFOD works with partners and has four main areas of work: Emergency relief, Long term development, Campaigning, Advocacy

“If you would like to know more, there are lots of resources on the table and if you would like to support CAFOD’s amazing work, there are gift envelopes you can use.  You will be helping those most in need, including children, to have a brighter future by provide things like education, food, water and healthcare.  All help will ensure that communities treated with dignity enabling them to help themselves and not just live on handouts.

“Thank you so much and please do keep CAFOD’s work in your prayers.”

Annrose’s proud father, Augustine said:

“I am delighted to inform you that the get together we have organised for my daughter’s Holy Communion last Saturday was a grand success.”

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