Fantastic Quiz Night


Fun at the Quiz Night

Over Lent, Parishioners at All Saints and St Thomas Aquinas in Bletchley raised over £850 holding a Ploughman’s Lunch, coffee mornings and a quiz night.  

Maggie Osgathorp (CAFOD parish volunteer) has been involved in the events and said:

“At the Quiz Night, we raised £242 on the night, which we shared with MK SNAP as our Quiz Master ran the London Marathon for this local charity.

“We had our usual coffee morning and with the raffle and a very generous donation we raised another £520. Alfred and Carol help out at all the functions and we want to say a massive thank you.”

Find out more about becoming a CAFOD Volunteer

CAFOD representative in Northampton, Deborah Purfield said:

“Fantastic effort and participation from the community and what an amazing amount raised from the raffle.”

We would like to thank All Saints and St Thomas Aquinas for all their hard work during Lent and all those who came together to organise these amazing events.

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