Northampton Volunteer runs the Hamburg Marathon for CAFOD

Woman running the Berkhamsted Half Marathon.

Nora nearing the end of the Berkhamsted Half Marathon.

Over the Lent period dedicated volunteers have been doing great events to raise money for the Lent Appeal. Now, Nora Maw from St. Columba’s in Chesham is getting ready to run the Hamburg Marathon on April 17 and we had the chance to chat to her about her amazing feat all in aid of fundraising for CAFOD. 

“I’ve been running for about 5 years now after agreeing to be part of a team for a 10k cross country race 5 years ago. In my youth, I was a sprinter and had never wanted to run further than 100m, but I thought I had better do some training if I wasn’t going to make a complete fool of myself.

“I started off with very short distances and some walking and built up the amount of running gradually and I’ve been entering 10k runs occasionally ever since with the odd half marathon thrown in until here I am about to attempt my first marathon – at the tender age of 59 (older and wiser?)

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“My husband, Richard, has entered the ballot for the London Marathon several times now and hasn’t got a place and I have entered it twice without success – the first time, I was really relieved when I didn’t get a place, but this time, I felt disappointed because I felt ready to attempt that distance.

“So we decided to enter a marathon where one can do just that – simply enter. We looked around for marathons around the same time as London, and Hamburg fulfilled the criterion, being the week before.

“We had visited Hamburg for a weekend when our youngest son spent a semester at the university there last year, so we knew it was a lovely city. My brother had run the marathon a few years ago and recommended it as a good course – and it’s flat, which is a welcome change from running in the Chilterns which is where we live and do all our training.

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“I decided that if I was going to take on the challenge I would raise sponsorship for one of my favourite charities, CAFOD. My brother gave me a ‘get-you-round’ training schedule which he had followed in the past, so I have been following that since January and it has been working really well, in fact, so well that I think I might do a bit better than ‘just get round’.

“The training has been a big commitment, especially the mid week sessions in the winter months when there was limited daylight in the evenings after work, but of course, this improved as time went on and fitting it in got easier. I don’t run very fast at all, but at least I do it!

“So, here we are with one week to go and an easy week of training for the last week – what a relief! I’m confident that I’ll be able to complete the course and would say that I’m even looking forward to it! I’m not after any particular time – just need to finish in time to catch the flight home!!

“My fundraising is going well and people have been amazingly generous so far.”

Nora has raised over £650 so far and you can  sponsor Nora’s run.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Nora for her amazing fundraising and wish her the best of luck for the race.

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