Table Top Fundraiser

Your donations doubled this Lent by the UK Government!

Your donations doubled

Even though Easter Sunday has passed, there are still many events going on the Northampton Diocese to raise funds for the Lent appeal.

On April 17, the Church of St Joseph and the Holy Child, Bedford, are planning to hold a table top sale in aid of CAFOD and the Lent Appeal. Even though the sale falls after the end of Lent, due to the governments match funding, the money will still be doubled up until May 9.

You can still donate to the Lent appeal and find out more.

We caught up with CAFOD volunteer, Michael Keaveny who told us about his role in the table top sale and his experiences of volunteering with CAFOD:

cafod candle

CAFOD stall at a table top sale

“We plan to hold a Table Top Sale in the Guild Room at the Church of St Joseph and the Holy Child on Sunday morning 17th April. The sale will be open after the 9:30 and 11 am Masses, so we hope to get as many as possible to attend.

“We have two parishes with : St Joseph’s and Our Lady’s at Kempston, that try to work together on CAFOD events, and we are slowly building up ahead od steam. We want to try to hold an event every few months, partially to raise funds, but also to raised awareness amongst the Parishes, so that people know what CAFOD is, and what it does.

“I became involved with CAFOD because I wanted to do a bit more both for the Parish and for a good cause than just anonymously contributing, so in my case, this may only be a start in my involvement, if it goes well.

“I have very little time during the week due to working life, and I can just about manage to do something for CAFOD. I think that it is good to be personally active and involved, as well, or rather than,  just giving, as that  could become little more than a financial transaction. So, I will try to ramp up my involvement, and learn by doing.”

Learn more about volunteering with CAFOD.

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