Hunger Lunch in Luton celebrating 31 years

fast day

A water pump in Uganda. The Lent Appeal will go towards funding clean and safe water all over the world. 

The Lent Appeal has seen many Lent Lunches take place; for some churches this is the first time that they have held a Hunger Lunch but for others it has become a tradition in the church community.

Holy Family and St John’s in Luton are celebrating supporting CAFOD for over 30 years and this year, they will hold a hunger lunch at St. John’s is on April 9 from 12.00 to 1.30pm.

Find out how to organise your own fundraising event

Parishioner Ted Leather said:

“St. John’s Justice & Peace group have been supporting CAFOD as one of our charities since the group started in 1985, since which time we have donated over £30,000 to the general fund and small projects.

“The Hunger Lunch that we run each year started way back as part of an Ethiopian famine appeal, and has continued ever since as part of our Lenten giving activity. The simple lunch consists of soup, roll, tea and coffee at a cost of £2.50 each, plus the inevitable raffle and is attended by parishioners.”

We want to thank the parishioners and organisers at St John’s for all their hard work and fundraising over the years and for their continued support. This year, their money will go to providing clean and safe water all over the world.

You can donate to the Lent appeal. 

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