Speakers at mass promote CAFOD’s message to hundreds

We are delighted that at least 46 parishes in our diocese had people who spoke at the various masses over the Fast Day weekends.  This is really terrific as we have been able to thank people in the parishes for their great generosity as well as to let them know about CAFOD’s work and where their donations go.

Speaker at amss

Speaker at mass – thanking parishioners and letting them know about CAFOD’s work.

As a result of this, so many more people have now been thanked and have heard how their donations have helped people like Proscovia in Uganda where lack of clean water threatened people’s health and dignity.  Having to walk a long distance to fetch water stopped women and girls from being able to earn a living or from going to school.

The UK government has awarded CAFOD match funding for the third time (which is unheard of!) and so all donations received will be doubled up to £3.5m.

A BIG Thank you to all of you who supported CAFOD’s work.  Those who actively promoted CAFOD in your parish through fundraising and prayer, those who gave the fast day talks and to all the priests who allowed us to give the talks. We couldn’t do our great work without your help and support.

We are also thrilled to have several people come forward to offer their support as volunteers in their parish and schools. If you would like to volunteer, please do get in touch.


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