Young Bedford bakers ‘make a splash’ with their Lent Fundraising

Lent fundraising is getting underway throughout the Diocese and everyone, young and old, is getting involved. Usually, it is left to the adults to organise events but three young students from St John Rigby Primary, Bedford, came up with a bright and yummy idea of how they could “make a splash” and raise money for the Lenten Appeal.

Three Pupils from St John Rigby determined to 'make a splash' with their bake sale.

Pupils from St John Rigby determined to ‘make a splash’ with their cake sale.


They used their skills, initiative and persuasiveness to organise an assembly to inform their fellow pupils and teachers of their plan to run a cake stall in break times over three days.  They said:

“We will be running a cake stand this week from Monday till Wednesday. You may be wondering why the teachers have let us do this cake stall. The reason they have let us do it is because it is for CAFOD. All the money you pay for your yummy baked goodies will all go to CAFOD.

“All the cakes will be pocket money prices so you can go home and maybe help your mum or dad with some of the chores. If you would like to get some cake come quick because we might sell out.”


The girls speaking in assembly to a round of applause with the head teacher’s encouragement.

They brought in an array of delicious homemade cakes over three days which they sold at lunchtimes and in total, they raised over £85 for the Lent Appeal.

Their fundraising efforts are going to help girls all over the world have access to clean and safe water which will enable them to stay in school longer.

As all donations to CAFOD’s Lent Fast Day appeal will be doubled by the UK up until 9 May, it means they will have raised over £150 to help ‘turn on the taps’ across the world.

Deborah Purfield, CAFOD co-ordinator for the Northampton diocese who was present on the first day of the sale said:

“I was so impressed to see how the students decided by themselves that they were going to raise funds for CAFOD.  With the Head Teacher’s permission, they delivered the talk at an assembly to let all know what they were planning to do, they set up their stall and sold their home baked cakes with such enthusiasm and joy. The support from the Head teacher Mr Palmer and the other staff members were fantastic!  Well done St John Rigby!”


The very busy cake stall at lunchtime


The money raised will enable the taps to be turned on in villages across the world by repairing or providing water pumps and training in order to maintain them. It will also fund hygiene programmes, education in sanitation and the building of latrines. Matched funds from the UK Government will enable access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene programmes to over 300,000 people in Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Donate to the Lent Appeal at

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