CAFOD Northampton turns on the taps!

2016 has kicked off as busy as ever, with not one but TWO supporters day packed into January.CAFOD Northampton supporters day

St Teresa’s (Princes Risborough) and Christ the King (Bedford) both played host to over 50 people, and we had Geoff O’Donoghue (International division) and Jane Lennon (HIV advisor) talk about the inspiring work being done by our partners in Africa. We heard about the projects underway to help with water, hygiene and sanitation and the far reaching effects it had on people’s lives especially women and girls. We were shocked to hear that 650 million people (nearly 10x the population of the UK) did not have access to safe drinking water!

CAFOD Northampton supporters day

We listened to the inspiring story of 2 people from Uganda – the focus country this Lent : 14 year old Proscovia, and her mother Anna, who struggled to collect water and get to school on time. Thanks to CAFOD’s generous supporters, their village now has a bore hole so that they don’t have to walk the 5 miles or more each day to collect water and risk illness from contaminated water or being attacked by crocodiles!

Proscovia and Anna

Proscovia and Anna

Proscovia now plans to become a civil engineer!

Deborah (our Northampton diocese co-ordinator) inspired us to act, give and pray. We discussed how we could best promote CAFOD in our parishes and many said they felt energised and motivated to do more in their parishes. Deborah also proudly announced that the UK Government had agreed to match donations up to £3.5m made between Ash Wednesday 10 Feb – 9 May 2016. This is the third time CAFOD has been granted matched funding – which is unheard of and shows the Government’s commitment towards the integrity of CAFOD’s work with local community based partners! So get fundraising! There are loads of ideas for you to get you started “turning on the taps!”

Catriona Sharp (parish contact at Christ the King – Bedford) summed up the success of the supporters day perfectly “I always leave these meetings feeling inspired and filled with enthusiasm to make a difference”


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