Our Schools’ Team get geared up for Lent

Volunteer training 1

Our wonderful schools team got together again on Friday 22nd January to look at the latest resources for Lent.  The session was run by CAFOD’s new Education volunteer co-ordinator David Brinn. David delivered the Lent assemblies to the volunteers in a way that made it look effortless!

We even had the pleasure of having several new supporters (who were interested in becoming education volunteers) join us. They were very impressed with CAFOD’s resources and volunteer support and found the day very enlighten and fun.

Role play

The focus this Lent is on the theme of water – “Make a Splash”. We heard how children, who are often in charge of herding cattle, have to walk miles to collect water and as a result suffer from exhaustion and are also at risk of being attacked by crocodiles!

Even babe plays his part

Kate was keen to be at the session, despite having baby Reuben with her. He played happily in his life raft on a crocodile-infested river, while the volunteers got to grips with the ‘Life without Taps’ game.

Life without taps game 2 Life without taps gameA great training session was had by all, leaving the volunteers geared up to ‘Make a Splash’ this Lent in our schools and arrange as many visits as possible. Watch out for school visit posts coming up over the following weeks!

Interested in Volunteering?  Visit the volunteering website for more details.

 Written by Kate Banville – Education Volunteer


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