CAFOD confirmation group (Holy Family Slough) get involved

CAFOD was invited to do a session with the confirmandi at Holy Family Slough.

Confirmandi learn about CAFOD's work

Confirmandi learn about CAFOD’s work

Schools’ volunteer Clive Gallagher used his experience working in Africa to give first hand examples of how climate change affected people there. He also mentioned how the little things we do and take for granted can contribute to climate change such as not recycling, leaving the tap running while brushing teeth, leaving gadgets on standby etc..  He got everyone (including the adults) thinking and reflecting.

The CAFOD Confirmation Group decided to do something more.


Confirmandi cake sale - Holy Family Slough Dec15

Confirmandi cake sale – Holy Family Slough Dec15


With the support of Parish priest Fr. Kevin, the facilitators and parents, they held a cake sale and raised a magnificent sum of £203 for CAFOD on Sunday 6 December. Cakes of all shapes, taste, size and colour  were well received by the parishioners were fantastic in their support of the event.



“This was a real team effort from this Group who will be confirmed in April.” Commented Chi Lowe, one of the facilitators. Well done all !


Get more great fundraising ideas and find out about volunteering to work with children and/or young people.  We would love to hear from you!


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