Northampton supports Climate Change March

Written by Majella Hurley – Princes Risborough

The People’s Climate March on the 29th November, certainly lived up to its name. As I write, it’s estimated that around 70,000 men, women, children, babes in arms, toddlers on shoulders from all over the country and of all faiths and traditions, gathered in London to show solidarity and a shared humanity for our global family, as world leaders gathered in Paris for vital climate talks.

Marie and Majella

Marie and Majella

Marie and I ( St Teresa’s, Princes Risborough ) arrived at the Park Lane meeting point around 12.15 – on an extremely windy day!  A large and growing  crowd of campaigners converged at various alphabetically marked signposts and we headed for lamppost C to team up with our fellow ‘Cafodians’

A huge number of groups were represented including CAFOD, Christian Aid, Tearfund, Oxfam, The World Wild life Organisation, Greenpeace etc.  


It was a purposeful, energised and joyous event. It was wonderful, but not surprising to see so many young people taking part, fired up with the zeal of the young and actively demonstrating their concern for the world and its future.

We started marching at around 1.20 and although the wind was really whipping up, we managed to hold onto our placards. There was a palpable feeling of common purpose and camaraderie throughout, sparking off lots of conversations and exchanges along the way.


Eye catching and imaginative floats accompanied our colourful journey – notable amongst them, the Greenpeace Arctic float complete with a strikingly realistic model of a polar bear! Supporters dressed as tigers, giraffes and sunflowers popped up at various intervals and there was a particularly ‘green’ campaigner dressed as a tree -‘ branches’ flailing, talking animatedly to a reporter.

 Marie was also picked out by an ambient camera crew to define in one line why she was marching. She did us proud, highlighting the necessity of gas emission reduction and stressing the importance of speaking out on behalf of the poorest, and most catastrophically affected members of humanity. Well done Marie!

photo 2

It was a really inspiring day and wonderful to be part of the CAFOD family responding to Pope Francis’ clarion call to show our solidarity and …. march for justice.



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