CAFOD groups grow in our parishes

More parishes in our diocese are starting to form CAFOD groups rather than have one person as the CAFOD contact for the parish.  Individuals can feel more supported by other group members, can share ideas and tasks and the group may be able to organised events more easily.

Karen Evans, Jackie Poulter, Pauline Gunning, Ted Cox & Fr Paul Inman

Parishioners from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart and St Edmund in Wellingborough   with their parish priest Fr Paul Inman (above) met with Deborah (CAFOD Co-ordinator Northampton) to discuss how best to promote CAFOD in the parish which stems from people’s faith journey.

“I decided to join the group after hearing about the CAFOD’s work at the Harvest Fast day talk in the parish,” said Jackie from Wellingborough.  “We shall be meeting in a few weeks discuss the next steps”.

Jayne & Mick Fagan

Parishioners from  St Mary’s Woburn Sands also met up with Deborah to see how their parish could support CAFOD’s work more and raise awareness.   The parish donates regularly to CAFOD and will see how they can support campaigns too.

Both parishes are Fairtrade which is really great, standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are in greater need.

Great to see such dedication, commitment and enthusiasm.  Thank you so much!


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