Supporters’ Day – Beaconsfield 12 Sept15


We had a fantastic Supporter Day in Beaconsfield where over 35 people attended.  Tom O’Connor (Change Director – CAFOD) explained how “CAFOD works as your Catholic agency”.


Many didn’t appreciate that CAFOD was involved in so many aspects of work.  Margaret Wellington, an Education volunteer and part of the parish local parish group said, “It was such a thought provoking day”.


Mike Coote (pictured above) parish contact and Clive Gallagher (Education Volunteer) explained why they became volunteers and what they did in their roles.

Deacon Paul Priestly (High Wycombe) commented, “It was good to see a spread of people from different Parishes.”  This enabled people to share ideas and encourage others.  We had over 14 parishes represented.  Emma brought her daughter Olivia who was keen to help and brought the average age down!

Emma & Daughter

The focus country for Harvest Fast Day is Niger which is the poorest country in the world.  Many were inspired to hear about how people survive against the odds and were energised and motivated to promote fast day in their parishes.  Marie Pennell (Princes Risborough) reported that she would now take what she learnt and experienced back to her CAFOD group. “It was an excellent, educational day” she concluded.



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