Gerrards Cross shows off Fair Trade socks

Fr Michael Spain O.C.D  (St Joseph’s – Gerrards Cross) showed off his Fair Trade socks bought from the Sock Shop.  “I nearly fell off my chair when I asked, ‘are you a Fair Trade parish?’ and Fr Michael lifted up his trousers and paraded his socks! A sight I have never beheld before!” said Debbie Purfield.




The parish is doing amazing work promoting CAFOD with the help of some incredible volunteers. Nan has been supporting Fast Days and children’s liturgy in the parish for many years (apart from all the many other roles she has). Eileen who is a member of the Catholic Women’s League (CWL) and the contact for Fair Trade in the parish has been promoting campaigns.  Ged has just joined the CAFOD group and together with the amazing support of Fr Michael they have managed to get the message out to the parish.

But they are not stopping there. They are now looking at ways to promote the Climate Change campaign, by getting parishioners to sign the petition.   They have already started thinking of how to better promote CAFOD’s resources (eg children’s liturgy and Catholic Social Teaching) in the parish.  They want to engage with more young people too. “When the refurbishment of our parish centre is completed, maybe we can hold an ‘Understanding CAFOD’ workshop so that people have a better appreciation of what CAFOD is about” said Nan. Real music to the ears!

What an inspiration you all are! Really fantastic!


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