Family Fun Day at St Edward’s Junior School – Aylesbury



St Edward’s Junior (Aylesbury) invited CAFOD in to share their Family Fun Day on the 20 June.  Clive Gallagher (CAFOD’s school team)  who liaised with the school on this said, “We really appreciate the opportunity to share this fun day with the school.”   Clive’s children went to St Eds so he has fond memories of the school.  He now give assemblies and workshops about CAFOD’s work in the school.

Mrs Harris the Head teacher welcomed CAFOD saying, “parents, children and staff would really enjoy seeing how their fund raising efforts were put to use.”


DSCN1457 DSCN1458

Clive’s son Dan very kindly offered to support the CAFOD stall together with volunteers John and Kelly from the parish .  It was everyone’s first time.   Kids and parents took part in a fun quiz and it was great!  As it rained heavily a various times we had wet children coming up to do the quiz before running outside to play.  The atmosphere was wonderful.   The little ones were thrilled to have CAFOD stickers and flags to take away with them.   “I thoroughly enjoyed the day” said John “I am leaving with arms full of goodies too”.

The school raised an astounding £1346 during Lent which would be matched by the UK government!  Well done St Eds!  Fantastic job and great day!


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