St Pauls Catholic School, Milton Keynes – Day of Recollection

265 Year 8 students from St Pauls Catholic School in Milton Keynes took part in a “Day of Recollection” that allowed them to spend the whole day off timetable and undertaking activities based around the theme of “Charity”.  Students were able to reflect on the reasons why we give to charities and learn more about the work of CAFOD.


Mrs Anne Hoskins (Senior Chaplaincy/Pastoral) explained, “Towards the end of the day we focussed our attention on the ‘Martin’s story’ ”  When Martin was six, his small jungle village in Myanmar was struck by one of the worst cyclones ever recorded – Cyclone Nargis. Winds as strong as 140 miles per hour and a wave that reached 3.7 metres. But Martin survived. CAFOD worked with members of Martin’s village to help them stay safe if there is another storm like Nargis.  The villages all now have an emergency bag that includes everything that they will need if more cyclones hit the village.

Mrs Hoskins added, “During the day of recollection each of the students wrote a short prayer on pictures of items that Martin would now pack in his emergency rucksack—noodles, candles, clean water, first aid kit, ID badge, pencil case, rope, torch and a blanket.  The students then stuck all the prayers onto an extra-large rucksack which is now proudly displayed in the school’s chapel.”   Faye and Dominka (pictured) helped stick all 265 prayers onto the rucksack.   Amazing day St Paul’s!

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