Smart Ideas from St Teresa (Beaconsfield) and St Dunstan (Bourne End)

The Parishes of St. Dunstan (Bourne End) and St. Teresa (Beaconsfield) came up with a “Smart” idea to encourage parishioners to take part in fundraising for CAFOD.  Smarties tubes were handed out to parishioners after all masses the weekend before Ash Wednesday.  The idea was that parishioners would treat themselves to a tube of Smarties before Lent and use the empty tubes as a collection box during Lent when they gave up something.


Parish Priest (Fr Francis Higgins) said, “we wanted something different and wanted to make full use of the matched funding by the UK government.  Besides, everyone likes Smarties and the tubes are just right to hold a £1 coins – a perfect fit”.   Fr Francis together with Suzannah Goode (parish secretary) were the brains behind this idea. They were pleased to announce that a full tube of Smarties would hold £36!  They sat one evening making up the Smarties pack with an impressive leaflet to go with it explaining about CAFOD’s matched funding appeal and what parishioners needed to do.   This event raised an amazing £4,664!


Some members of the Confirmation Group were also keen to support the CAFOD Lenten appeal and transformed themselves into a team of waiters and waitresses to assist at the CAFOD Fast Day Soup Lunch.

photo 8

Over 40 people attended the CAFOD soup lunch.   Margaret (CAFOD volunteer) who was present reported, “Apart from the delicious homemade soup the highlight was the involvement of young people from the Confirmation group who served the soup at tables so everyone was able to sit rather than queue up. What a delight!”

photo 2 photo 5

Julian, one of the confirmandi, read a reflection during the meal which was really lovely. This and all the other soup lunches held over the Lenten period raised a fabulous £2,224!

Julian reading


The Confirmation Group didn’t stop there. Having participated in the soup lunch, they decided to fundraise further. Together with the help of their parents, they made cakes to sell after the masses and raised an incredible sum of £228!

cake sale cut



The total raise by both parishes was £7,116 which, when matched, would be a staggering £14,232. Fantastic! Well done to all who organised the events and those who participated in it.  The parishes have also recently set up a CAFOD group which will continue to promote CAFOD throughout the year.


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