St Teresa – Princes Risborough does Easter walk for CAFOD

On Sunday afternoon (19th April) I had a great time – wish you were there.


Thirty people and three dogs from St Teresa’s Parish in Princes Risborough took to the streets and fields on their annual CAFOD Sponsored Walk.  Most were from the parish but we had one from Haddenham as well as the CAFOD diocesan manager Debbie Purfield and her husband.  The Lord was kind and the weather that at first looked a bit uncertain held up for us.  The adults were wrapped up in layers but the children rushed about in tee shirts and thin tops – oh for their optimism and vigour!

lane walk

Our ‘Sunday School’ crocodile crossed the roads where the local drivers stopped and waived us over before we took to the fields and country lanes.  Buckinghamshire is such a lovely county with its green fields, streams, primroses, cowslips and chocolate box cottages. What is not to enjoy whilst helping others who do not have our good fortune?

by church

We walked past two ancient churches and were lucky enough to find the one at Saunderton open.  The vicar was there and welcomed us in (including one of the dogs).  One member of the group was heard to say “we all do God’s work” – how encouraging was that!



We continued back towards the church in the town where we started with the boys in the party rushing ahead and then holding the gates open for the rest of us.  People walked at differing paces and so had the opportunity to get to know each other and exchange stories and news.  A few people had not been on the walk before and really enjoyed themselves whilst getting to know fellow parishioners better.


DSCN0885rail crossing



The lady from Haddenham who had come to St Teresa’s for Mass one day, saw the event advertised, and decided to join in.  Moral -Keep your CAFOD board tidy and up to date because you never know who will read it and where it might lead!


Finally, back in the church club room there was tea and home bake scones and cake set out for us.  All provided by CAFOD supporters.  What a spread and we were ready for it too!  What a wonderful way to bring the event to a lovely, sociable conclusion.   We even managed to get sponsorship for the walk which will be matched by the UK government.


Certs were handed out to the children by Debbie and they were thrilled to go up and collect them in their CAFOD T-shirts.

cert 1 cert3

At the end of the afternoon everyone helped to clear tables and wash up, stack chairs and vacuum the floor.  We are indeed blessed when “we all do God’s work”.

4 thoughts on “St Teresa – Princes Risborough does Easter walk for CAFOD

  1. As always, ‘doing God’s work’ is fun and full of love and community. It was a special time. Thank you all for your company.

  2. Congrats Marie & friends.Marie we’r all so proud of you for the wonderful work you do for St Teresa’s & CAFOD.Well done to all concerned.

  3. A great walk for a great cause (CAFOD Myanmar – formally known as Burma). I wish I had chance to talk to everyone as we walked but didn’t,… next time maybe.
    Tea and cakes following the walk…..delish!!!

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