St Teresa’s (Princes Risborough) Confirmation Group find out about Climate change

Edited version

The confirmation group at St Teresa’s (Princes Risborough) participated enthusiastically in a CAFOD session lead by Debbie Pufield (CAFOD diocesan manager – Northampton) focusing on Climate Change.  The young people heard how climate change is the biggest threat to reducing poverty that exists today.  The quiz on climate change was great fun and even the catechists said they learnt lots!

Fr Joseph Kuttivayalil (parish priest) who also attend the session said, “I feel the young people participated very well and benefitted from the session.  CAFOD has great resources and having it delivered in this way was very engaging and interesting.”

One way we stand in solidarity with poor communities around the world is by campaigning in the UK to change the policies and practices that keep people poor.  Each person in the confirmation group promised to take at least one positive action to help play their part in reducing the carbon foot print.  Some said they will play less on their computers and walk instead of being driven where possible.

The group have now been confirmed!  Congratulations to each one of them.  May they continue to be ambassadors for justice!

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