Bedford forms a new CAFOD group

The five parishes of Bedford have come together to form a new CAFOD group.  Previously most of the parishes had no CAFOD volunteers and where there were volunteers, they felt they needed more support.

Thanks to Fr Seamus Keenan who agreed to let Deborah Purfield (CAFOD diocesan manager – Northampton) speak at all masses at St Joseph and Our Lady, several people signed up to be CAFOD volunteers.  After an initial meeting where things were explained to those who signed up, the group has expanded to include members from all the parishes in Bedford.


This is absolutely fantastic as now there is more support, more ideas shared, more cover for events and more integration between the parishes which all have said is great and is the first time it has happened!

The volunteers are really wonderful as they have ensured that the fast day talk was given in each parish (previously not always done) and they are already planning for their first fundraising event as a group to make use of the matched funding.

Well done everyone!

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