Deacons lend support to CAFOD Northampton

Meeting w deacons mid region 6Aug14

A group of deacons have been updated on the work of CAFOD in the Northampton Diocese and continued to show their support.

CAFOD’s Northampton Diocese Manager, Deborah Purfield, met with the deacons to discuss a host of opportunities in the region.

She explained the parish’s wish to become a Fairtrade (FT) Parish, and the criteria it would need to meet in order to attain this.

Deborah also thanked the deacons for supporting CAFOD at fast days. She said: “The two-minute talks during mass about CAFOD fast day have not only have been proven to increase our funds but it is a way of giving back to the people – to let them know how CAFOD is spending their money and to thank them.”

She encouraged the deacons to ask young people from the parish to deliver the talks rather than an external speaker. She also urged talks to be given at all masses for harvest fast day on the 27 and 28 September.

The deacons also discussed the promotion of CAFOD’s Climate Change Campaign, which will be launched in the Northampton Dioceses from 2pm-4pm on Saturday, 1 November at St Paul’s School in Leadenhall, Milton Keynes.

Deborah told the deacons: “I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support you have given and continue to give to promote and support CAFOD’s work. We really couldn’t do our great work without it.”

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