Ryan and his friends Dig Deep for CAFOD

A blog by Year 8 student Ryan, from St Paul’s School in Milton Keynes

2014-04-25 12.31.20

This year we had our days of recollection in school, and this year all of our reflections were based on the CAFOD subject for that time of year. Dig deep. And as a form, we were contemplating on what this means because generally “Dig deep” seems like quite a vast subject.

So we did some teamwork activities, that proved to us that through perseverance, anything and everything is possible. We watched a video which showed us some statistics of world poverty today and it opened our eyes to the things people in this world are suffering and going through.

We also had a world auction which showed us how unfair world trade is to the LEDC’s (least economic developed countries). But at the end of it all we made some prayers for those who are suffering with droughts, floods and all these terrible natural disasters. We wrote these in vegetables to symbolise how ripe their fruits will be and all the things they can make.

We should all try and dig deep in ourselves and think of what others round the world are going through.

Year 8 student, St Paul’s School, Milton Keynes

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