Makuu’s Story

Makuu, a 13 year old boy who lives in a small village in Eastern Kenya with his family, loves football. So much in fact, that he can name every one of the Real Madrid players and the positions they all play. Along with his friend Murambo, Makuu kicks a ball around made of plastic bags and string in his spare time. The worst drought in 60 years hit countries in East Africa in 2011, including Kenya. Makuu’s family was severely affected by the drought, as were many others, they didn’t have enough food to eat as their livestock died. People in his area had relied on food aid for many years meaning that they had not been able to learn important skills that would help them to better support themselves, like how to grow vegetables.

CAFOD has aided schools in teaching children to grow vegetables and has also given them seeds and water tanks. In addition, the children have also learnt about the nutrition that vegetables offer. Makuu now helps to run a school vegetable garden.

Image“The garden will help me and my family because when I finish school, if I’m jobless, I can raise money and help myself by selling vegetables.”

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