St Bernadette’s Virtual Village


St Bernadettes primary school in Milton Keynes have raised an incredible £1878.50 for CAFOD and thier virtual African Village!  Thanks to the parents, staff and pupils they have been able provide:

  • 14 school starter packs
  • 5 football packs, including kit, balls and training
  • 9 children have been taught to read
  • 2 vegetable gardens, saplings, and crop resistant seeds and the training of farmers
  • 3 bicycles for medical staff
  • 4 cows
  • 6 sets of life saving treatments for new mothers and their babies
  • 3 community toilets
  •  refuge and safety kit
  • 4 essential emergency kits
  • 1 eco-friendly stove
  • 3 goats
  • Many chickens
  • 3 new starter businesses
  • The wage and training for a water pump mechanic
  • A crab farm
  • Water for families
  • A disaster warning kit
  • Musical equipment and coloured pencils
  • A disaster warning kit
  • The immunisation of hundreds of young children
    The pupils really got involved, deciding in their year groups where they wanted the money raised to be spent. This involved careful planning and decison making as well as an understanding of what is needed  and here at CAFOD we are extremely grateful for the time and effort put in by the staff and students.The list of things that the children have provided for an African village is a list of things essential to survive. The carefully picked list includes basics like 6 sets of lifesaving treatment for new mothers and their babies- showing that the pupils of St Bernadette’s understand the difficulties of life with little medical care.

    Activities like this, as well as the display the children produced (see above)  not only raises funds but awareness, which is equally important. While being involved in raising money the children at St Bernadette’s learnt how they can help people less fortunate , and how CAFODs work helps people to help themselves.virtual villa

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