Year Eight Days of Recollection at St. Paul’s Secondary School

The theme of recollection for the St Paul’s year 8 classes was charity.  We began each day with pupils naming as many charities as they could. The variety was vast, from larger organisations such as CAFOD to some smaller, more focused associations.  We spoke about the benefits of charities and the young people recognised that it is difficult for charities to raise donations in the current economic climate.

The pupils chose an organisation to hypothetically support in small groups. They then prepared a presentation to explain their reasons as to why they felt that it deserved their support. The students were able to show how passionate they were about charities that were close to their hearts.hungry for change

We then moved onto CAFOD’s Hungry for Change campaign.  There were talks concerning mothers and how they often go hungry to feed their children. The students then wanted to find out more about Fair Trade; they were amazed to hear about large corporations not paying some farmers a fair price for their goods and how some companies hoard grain to keep the costs high.  They began to gain a better understanding of how the small farmers in remote parts of Africa and South America are exploited by large companies. Next, the students watched the CAFOD Hungry for Change video clip.  The response to this was almost one of anger; the pupils certainly felt it was a complete injustice that 1 in 8 people go hungry every day but were pleased to hear that CAFOD were campaigning on behalf of these people.  Finally, we began work on a Hungry For Change display: fish and loaf templates were used to write prayers on and these were later amalgamated to create the display shown above.

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